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Professional and Local Trash Compactor Repair Solutions
Your Reliable Trash Compactor Repair Service in Las Vegas and Surrounding Areas. Operating out of Las Vegas and extending services to Henderson, Paradise, and Boulder City, our company is committed to delivering professional trash compactor repair services. With years of experience in the appliance repair industry, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of issues.
Our team is certified and has experience with major appliance brands. This expertise allows us to provide reliable repairs and advice customized to your specific model, improving the durability and performance of your trash compactor. Whether your repair needs are big or small, our professionals are ready to deliver quality service.
We offer flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle and guarantee that each repair is completed with thorough attention to detail. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and preventive appliance maintenance approach sets us apart as a trusted local service provider in the appliance repair market.

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Common Issues We Fix

Here are the most common broken trash compactor problems:
Addressing issues that affect the compaction efficiency.
Repairing or replacing faulty door latches for secure closure.
Troubleshooting and fixing electrical problems preventing operation.
Diagnosing and resolving strange sounds during compaction.
Clearing obstructions that cause jamming in the compaction mechanism.
Repairing control panels for proper operation.

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Trust us to handle all your appliance needs; we specialize in a broad spectrum of major brands, providing high-quality repairs regardless of the manufacturer


Yes, trash compactors can be repaired. A professional technician can usually address common issues such as motor failures, jammed drawers, or electrical problems.
To fix a stuck trash compactor, first, make sure that it is unplugged for safety. Check for obstructions that might be causing the drawer to jam. If no visible blockage is found, the issue might be with the drive gear or motor, which would require professional repair.
A trash compactor’s life expectancy is typically 6 to 12 years, depending on its frequency of use and maintenance.
Several factors can cause a trash compactor to stop working, including overloaded or improperly loaded trash that can jam the compaction mechanism, electrical issues such as faulty wiring or circuit problems, and mechanical failures in components like the motor or drive chain.

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Certified Technicians
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