The Magic Minutes of Microwaves

Do microwaves simply heat things up or is there something else in this amazing innovation?

After the Second World War, microwaves were introduced to our lives and the magnetic influence of this appliance rapidly got spread throughout the world.

Microwave ovens nowadays have taken up a crucial place in our kitchens and they simply make our life easier, more labor free and stress free.

This magical machine made food preparation a routine of several minutes and it is interesting to know how this happened and what items can be placed there except for heating up.

Not at all surprisingly, microwave ovens use microwaves for cook preparations and cooking. Those waves are absorbed by fats, sugars and of course, water. After this, they are converted into the elements of heat.

The Magic Minutes of Microwaves | Microwave Repair Las Vegas

If you have heard the expression that microwaves cook the food from “inside out”, the explanation of the latter is the following: If we look at the example of the oven everything will be crystal clear.

If you want to bake a cake in your oven, you set the temperature to 350 F degrees. If you by chance set the temperature to 600 let’s say, the cake will be burned before the inside even gets warm.

Microwaves heat food unevenly if it is a thick piece.

Your microwaves can heat up pretty much everything. They can also make a number of different items for you in a matter of minutes, such as:

  • mug cakeThe Magic Minutes of Microwaves | Microwave Repair Las Vegas
  • popcorn from scratch
  • dried herbs
  • roasted nuts
  • poached eggs
  • bread dough
  • homemade latte, etc.

Everything becomes clear after reading this, the idea of using microwaves because something needs to be heated up is certainly wrong. Look at the variety of items you can cook due to your microwaves; you can even dry herbs, roast nuts, or make a great mug cake for two people followed by a glass of latte all thanks to the help and magic of a microwave.