Stove Repair Tips

You can handle most of the stove malfunctions on your own with a precise information in your hand and necessary tools at your disposal.

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  • Replace a bad burner or socket.

If one of the electric burners is not working, it probably because of the bad burner. To find this out, switch the burner with one that you certainly know is working. If this as well won’t heat, the issue might be because of the socket or switch. That is, the connections in the socket might be burned out and a replacement might be needed.

Don’t ever forget to unplug the appliance before any contact!

  • Replace the Switch.

First, test the switch, unplug the range, turn on the burner. Remove the wire from H1 terminal as shown in the photo below. Remove the knob and the screws  and install the new switch.

Stove Repair Tips | Appliance Repair Las Vegas



However, in this case a professional hand is to some extent a must since you are dealing with electricity and there are power buttons and burners that need to go right back to their arranged place.



You will need a multi meter and screwdriver when doing this on your own.


Stove Repair Tips | Appliance Repair Las Vegas

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