Oven Repair Tips Before You Make a Service Call

Fixing an appliance on your own might sound strange and funny at first, but with the proper tips at your disposal and the necessary steps to be followed as organized, you can repair your oven before making a service call or a scheduled online service.

Most of the malfunctions that affect your appliance concern the ignition of the gas and its supply line. Thus, the heating element might be one of the main reasons for the problem.

Oven Repair Tips Before You Make a Service Call | Appliance Repair Las Vegas

The first step is looking inside to notice the problem.

Make SURE to unplug or turn off the electric power before any contact with the panel.

Afterwards, you will need to dissemble the gas range which is done very easily.

  • Take out the screws from the panel and pull off the control knobs.
  • Remove the back panel.
  • Remove the burner gates, then the top of the range.
  • Oven door usually is dissembled by pulling it straight up on both sides of the door.
  • Access the bulb if necessary remove the other screws and panels to gain access.
  • Replace the burnt bulb.

Replacing the Door.

If the oven doesn’t heat to the desired temperature or heats not evenly, then the problem could be because of the door’s gasket.

To find out if the issue is with the door, simply pass your hand around the door and do not touch it while the oven is turned on. If you feel the heat escaping then the door needs replacement.

Usually, the gasket is on the frame of the oven and can be replaced since it is installed between the front and back sections of the door. However, in this type of ovens, professional service is needed for the replacement.

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If you possess a friction fit gasket door then you can do it on your own.

  • Pull the gasket out of the channel, If there are screws, bend the gasket, then remove,
  • Clean the channel and the door frame with a cycle of detergent and water,
  • Install the new gasket by starting from the top of the door frame and working your way down the sides until the corners. Then firm the ends of the gaskets together and the installation is done!

Oven Repair Tips Before You Make a Service Call | Appliance Repair Las Vegas