Garbage Disposal Do’s

Appliance Repair Las Vegas along with providing the best quality and low cost local service at your own house wants to ensure that every appliance works and runs right for your own convenience.

Garbage disposals are the perfect helpers for getting rid of unwanted leftovers, expired food. Follow these do’s for making your appliance work more smoothly and greatly.

Garbage Disposal Repair Las Vegas

Run Disposal Regularly

Turn on the water and run the disposal very often even if you are not using it. If not, the appliance can freeze and rust and strange odors will be the result.

Use Cold Water

Run cold water when using your disposal. Even if hot water works washing most things, it is not the same for your garbage disposal. Cold water makes it easier for the disposal to work right.

Run Disposal Longer

Keep the water running after using the appliance and after the grinding is done. You can even use soap for getting rid of all the excess food.

Garbage Disposal Do's : Appliance Repair Las Vegas

Grind Citrus Fruit

Every once in a while peel an orange or lemon and make your appliance clean. The excess waste will be eliminated more easily and the odors will be far away from your machine.

Do Not Put these things in your garbage disposal:

  • Grease or oil
  • Potato peels 
  • Glass, plastic, metal
  • Big bones, seeds

If something comes out of functioning, contact Appliance Repair Las Vegas or schedule your service online and have our repairmen wash away any malfunction from your appliance for good.

Don’t let any small issue grow into something bigger and always take care of any difficulty right from the beginning to prevent bigger issues from emerging.