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Fridge Maintenance Tips and Food Safety

One of the most important domestic appliances in the kitchen is, of course, a refrigerator. It would be strange to live without a refrigerator and one can hardly imagine life without this electric unit. 

It can be a mini-fridge or a French door refrigerator or any other type of refrigerator, but there are common maintenance tips which you should try to follow in order to avoid wasteful expenses, not forgetting about food safety.
So, let’s look through certain rules on refrigerator maintenance:

  1. Check the door seals and gaskets regularly as they can simply tear within a few years, and if so keep in mind that loose seals can cause you to pay more for energy consumption. This means that your fridge will work better. Cleaning of door gaskets every three months with soapy water is also recommended.
  2. Keep the coils clean. Recommendations on condenser coils cleaning frequency differ. According to some manuals, it is OK to clean the coils on a monthly basis, the others recommend doing it less frequently, like twice a year. So, just check the manual of the manufacturer.
  3. Setting the right temperature is vital. This is important for food safety and guarantee for the proper running of the fridge. Remember it should be 37 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit for the refrigerator compartment and as for the freezer section -zero degrees.
  4. Never overpack the fridge. Refrigerators need thermal mass for preserving the low temperatures in order to keep the products kept in the fridge cold and fresh. 

Consider these essential tips to keep our refrigerators running properly. Following these simple refrigerator maintenance tasks, you will prolong the life span of your refrigerator, and energy bills will reduce.
And what about food safety?

Food safety is vital for you and your family members. This means regular cleaning of the refrigerator not forgetting about proper storing of the food.
Avoid placing the food in the fridge uncovered. Containers with secure tops can be one option, or the food can be covered with plastic wrap or foil. This will minimize moisture in the unit and not only.

Avoid putting steamed or freshly cooked food in the refrigerator. This will lead to a temperature rise.
Remember that precooked should be placed on the top and properly covered. Never put raw meat, fish, and already cooked foods on the same shelf.
Remove odore regularly. 

Always do throw out perishable foods hardly to be consumed once a week.
These are very simple maintenance tips and if you follow them you will spare yourself from unnecessary expenses and will always have fresh food in the fridge.

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